Features & Benefits





Ideal for instructor-led classes as well as independent study, Teknimedia’s self-paced, competency- based courses make it faster and easier for learners to acquire the digital skills and concepts needed for success in school and the workplace.


Performance-based pre-assessments identify knowledge and skills gaps, and create individualized “Custom Learning Paths” for each learner.


Performance-based post-assessments verify that learners have mastered the required computer skills.


Clear, step-by-step voice narration makes lessons easy to understand.


Adjustable playback speed allows learners to go through lessons at their desired pace.


Optional display of the narration text reinforces instruction and makes courses usable by the hearing impaired.


High-quality graphics and animation keep learners engaged.


Interactive exercises let learners practice, hands-on, the skills they have learned with “hints” provided if needed.


Quizzes included within each course measure learners' knowledge and progress.


Comprehensive management system allows administrators to manage learners; view, print and export performance records; control title settings; and modify assessment parameters.


Frequently Asked Questions offer additional information about lesson topics.


Comprehensive index allows quick look-up of desired topics.


Teacher's Guides and Student Study Guides supplement Web & computer-based instructional materials.


Certificates of Completion acknowledge student achievement.


“Online” delivery gives learners 24/7 access from any computer with high-speed Internet access.


“Offline” delivery is available for standalone computers and local/wide area networks where Internet access is unavailable.

HTML5 Compatible Courses - Teknimedia’s latest courses are compatible with the HTML5 web standard. They can be accessed from a browser on a PC, Mac, or Chromebook without requiring any plug-ins.