Transforming Communication for Corrections

One Unique Tool

Two Great Functions

Video Conferencing

Video Creation

AI Assistant

Provides information on a wide range of topics using its vast knowledge base.
Available to presenters during live sessions!

Ideal for Corrections

Enables secure communication between outside and inside of facilities.

Custom Functions

Secure access with IP control
Privacy settings for corrections
Co-presenter & observer roles
Full recording for forensics
On-demand videos

Common Use Cases

Post-secondary programs
Community in-reach programs
Virtual job interviews
Telemedicine sessions
Professional development
Conduct live sessions
with audio, video, screenshare, chat, and polling.
Restrict communication between students
inside correctional facilities.
Create videos
by recording your webcam and screen.
Edit videos
using intuitive, easy-to-use tools.
Add voiceover and captions
to videos using Google text-to-speech.
Convert presentation slides to videos
with automatic voiceover and captions in 3 simple steps.
Track user activities
including live session attendance and video views.
No installation or uploads required
because everything is stored on our secure servers.
Integrates into an LMS
e.g. Blackboard, D2L Brightspace, Canvas, Moodle, and ATLO.
Accessible from Google Classroom
using a single sign-on.