Certified Bookkeeping Professional

Teknimedia has partnered with Labyrinth Learning to bring educators the most effective resources to prepare students for the Intuit Bookkeeping Professional certification.
Accounting Essentials

Textbooks/ebooks + Digital Resources

  • Approved by Intuit and provides unmatched preparation for the Intuit Certified Bookkeeping Professional exam
  • Includes a realistic practice exam with unlimited attempts
  • No manual grading. Fully automated grading of practice sets saves countless hours for instructors and provides instant, detailed feedback for students
  • Progressive exercises, comprehensive projects, and a high number of practice sets build mastery
  • Complete teaching toolkit for instructors including lecture notes, PowerPoint slides, test banks, syllabus, and student resources
  • 32+ hours course duration
  • LMS Integration


“Using the Labyrinth QuickBooks textbook has made my life a lot easier. Every student that has received a "B" or higher in my class has passed their certification exam. The overall experience I've had with Labyrinth has been extremely positive."

Mark Gershman, Accounting Faculty at Oakton Community College