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Internet and Computing Core Certification
PCIC3 - Getting Ready for Internet & Computing Core Certification

Teknimedia offers comprehensive training courses to help you prepare your students for IC3 certification.

PCIC3-Getting Ready for IC3 is the the ideal tool for IC3 preparation.

Pre/post assessments

Individualized training path for each student

Self-paced lessons

Interactive exercises

Powerful learning management system

Flexible delivery options: web, local area network, and standalone computers

Certified to cover 100% of the IC3 exam objectives

" The PCIC3 courses are phenomenal. We have had an outstanding number of students receive certification as a result of working through the courses. I am so thankful we found you."

Cleonia Pittman, Business Education Department
Crestview High School
Crestview, Florida


"I have been evaluating and selecting training material for over fifteen years and this is the best that I have ever seen. It is interactive and provides all of the necessary information to prepare students/candidates to pass the IC3 Certification exams."

Joyce Johnson, Business Technology Instructor
Los Angeles Job Corps
Los Angeles, California


The IC³ Certification consists of three exams:

  • Computing Fundamentals
  • Key Applications
  • Living Online
  • Teknimedia's IC3 courses have been approved by Certiport, and cover 100% of the IC3 exam objectives.

    Is your organization's mission to help teens and adults become more productive in the new technology-based economy? If so, you should prepare your students for IC3, a certification program that allows students to demonstrate their computer and Internet literacy through a worldwide industry standard that accurately validates skills and productivity in the workplace.

    IC3 is the ideal starting point for anyone interested in learning computer and Internet basics. The program gives individuals sufficient Internet and computing literacy skills to enter current job markets or begin higher education programs. Prime candidates for IC3 certification are middle school students, high school students, GED and college students, Job Corps participants, job seekers, employees who use technology on the job, and anyone—young or old—who wants to gain a working knowledge of computers and the Internet.

    Global, broad-based IC3 certification verifies that candidates possess the accepted standard level of basic computer and Internet literacy and are more efficient and marketable. Successful completion of IC3 certification:

    • Provides core skills and knowledge necessary to use some computer applications and the Internet
    • Effectively tests computing knowledge and skills to ensure mastery is achieved
    • Gives a resume-building standard certification as proof of successful completion of the program
    • Provides the foundation necessary to further enhance productivity and marketability with other desktop application-specific certifications
    • Gives individuals confidence and security in being part of today's "digital world"

    Teknimedia, the leading provider of basic computer and Internet skills training, offers the ideal IC3 training solution: PCIC3-Getting Ready for IC3. PCIC3 is a comprehensive computer-based training package consisting of self-paced multimedia lessons, interactive exercises, quizzes and tests that fully prepare students for the certification program. PCIC3 is thoroughly examined by third party reviewers to certify it covers 100% of the certification exam objectives.

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