Teknimedia is a provider of Computer Training & Literacy courses
Basic computer skills training solutions for corporations

Teknimedia offers highly efficient and cost-effective resources to help you test your employees' computer skills and prepare them for working with computerized health care systems.


Computer Skill assessment
Total TekAssess online, performance-based computer skills assessment tool.




Computer Skills Courses
Windows, Internet, E-Mail, and Microsoft Office




IC3 Certification
Comprehensive training resources for IC3 certification

Delivery options include Standalone Computer, Local Area Network, Internet, or your Intranet using your Learning Management System. Courses support AICC-compliant Learning Management Systems.

"Teknimedia's online training for Windows has been a significant asset to us because it allows a person with limited-to-no computer skills to learn the basics in a short time, with little supervision, and minimal cost."

Jeris Bragan, Clinical Informatics
Tennessee Christian Medical Center


The Need for Basic Computer Skills Training in Healthcare
As the healthcare industry adopts information technology, healthcare professionals will be increasingly required to manage information and provide quality care using computers. They must use computers to perform functions ranging from accessing patient records to documenting care to providing remote care through tele-medicine facilities. Therefore, it is essential that all healthcare workers have the basic skills required to utilize these new computer technologies.

What Makes Teknimedia's Training Solutions Ideal for Healthcare?
For many years, we have been focusing on developing training and testing resources to help raise the computer skills level of workers with little or no computer background. As a result, we have produced efficient, easy-to-use and cost-effective e-learning solutions that are ideal for the healthcare industry. The superior quality of our products makes us stand out as a reliable testing and training provider that helps you get the job done.

Who is Using Teknimedia's Training Solutions?
Our training solutions are used by hundreds of healthcare providers, hospital systems, corporations, colleges, training programs and schools in the U.S. and Canada.