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Teknimedia's computer skills courses are ideal tools for teaching your students basic computer skills in a fully simulated environment without requiring Internet access. Teknimedia also offers complete resources to help your students obtain widely recognized technology certifications.



2014 GED® Test Prep
Computer skills assessment & training for the 2014 GED® test






Computer Skills Courses
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IC3 Certification
Comprehensive training resources for IC3 certification

"I really like CBT100 and think it will be beneficial for students who are not proficient on the computer to become better acquainted and feel more comfortable with the 2014 GED® test. I was especially impressed with the sections that were specifically geared towards the testing environment.

I am so grateful that Teknimedia has developed CBT100 for our students. I think the CBT100 course will be a successful tool for us as instructors to know where the GED candidates computer literacy level is and a means to address those lacking. I am thinking in the future we will have every GED candidate at least take the Pre-Assessment to see what they know, then tailor the course from there if they need the instruction."

Annie Uhrich
Laramie County Community College
Cheyenne, Wyoming


"The Teknimedia PC100 and 101 are some of the best computer education software on the market today. The software used the Keep It Simple for Students or (KISS) Principle very well. In our Success Through Education Program (STEP), which is a community correction education program, our students respond well to the program and they love the immediate feedback given from the software. Thank you Teknimedia for making such student friendly software packages."

Russell Wright, Education Coordinator
Ordnance Road Correctional Center
Annapolis, Maryland