Teknimedia is a provider of Computer Training & Literacy courses
Basic computer skills training solutions for corporations

Teknimedia offers highly efficient and cost-effective resources to help you test your employees' computer skills and teach them the skills they lack in order to increase their productivity.


Computer Skills Testing and Placement
Total TekAssess™ online, performance-based computer skills testing and placement tool.




Computer Skills Courses
Windows, Internet, E-Mail, and Microsoft Office




IC3 Certification
Comprehensive training resources for IC3 certification

Delivery options include Standalone Computer, Local Area Network, Internet, or your Intranet using your Learning Management System. Courses support AICC-compliant Learning Management Systems.

What Makes Teknimedia's Training Solutions Ideal for Your Company?
At Teknimedia, we understand the challenges you face in assessing and raising the computer skills level of a diverse workforce to the desired threshold. As a result, we have developed a comprehensive set of tools to help you assess the computer skills of your employees and teach them the skills they lack efficiently and cost-effectively. Superior quality makes Teknimedia stand out as a reliable testing and training provider that helps you get the job done.

Who is Using Teknimedia's Training Solutions?
Our computer skills assessment and training solutions are used by organizations in various industries such as healthcare, legal, manufacturing, and entertainment.