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Computer Skills Placement

Total TekAssess is the ideal assessment tool for measuring basic computer skills and knowledge.






Performance-based questions covering Windows, Internet, e-mail and Microsoft Office



Customizable parameters including question pool, time limit, retries, and passing threshold

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Comprehensive test bank of 1,200+ questions




Easy-to-administer and user-friendly

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Detailed reporting and performance data

Total TekAssess is the ideal computer skills placement tool for:




Student placement in community colleges and universities.




Employee placement in companies and employment agencies.

Do your students or employees have the right computer skills?

In today's digital world, virtually every student and worker needs to use computers regardless of their field of study or profession. However, while many people can use a computer for Internet browsing and social interaction via Facebook and Twitter, they often lack the essential skills required at school or in the workplace for managing files, guarding against security threats, and creating well-organized documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Total TekAssess™ allows you to accurately assess the computer skills of individuals to help make the right placement or hiring decision.

Total TekAssess™ Features and Benefits




Web-Delivered: You'll have the flexibility to administer your assessment to test-takers in any location on any computer with Internet access.




Performance-Based Questions: You can accurately measure skills by having test-takers perform actual computer tasks hands-on, in a fully simulated environment.




Comprehensive Question Pool: Includes a pool of more than 1,500 questions covering the following topics:

  • Basic Windows skills
  • File management
  • Basic computer concepts and terminology
  • Internet & e-mail based on Internet Explorer & Microsoft Outlook
  • Word processing based on Microsoft Word
  • Spreadsheets based on Microsoft Excel
  • Presentations based on Microsoft PowerPoint



    Customizable Test Parameter: Allows you to create the ideal test that exactly meets your needs. Customizable parameters include:

  • Question pool (performance-based and knowledge-based)
  • Number of questions
  • Randomization
  • Time Limit
  • Retry Count
  • Pass/Fail Threshold
  • Sample Customization Screens




    Online Management System: You can create assessments, manage test takers, and view detailed test results with minimal time and effort.

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    Windows 7 & Office 2010




    Windows 7 & Office 2007




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