Teknimedia is a provider of Computer Training & Literacy courses
Basic Computer Training

Teknimedia offers the ideal solution for training workers with little or no computer skills. This training covers all the essential computer knowledge and skills required in today's workplace.

Basic Computer Training

Basic computer skills (Mouse, Windows, Computer Concepts and Terminology, File Management)

Internet/E-Mail (Internet Explorer/Outlook Express)

Word Processing (Word)

Spreadsheets (Excel)

Presentations (PowerPoint)

Teknimedia's training include the TekAssess performance-based assessment tool.

TekAssess is used as pre-assessment to identify learner knowledge/skills gaps and create a customized learning path for each learner.

It may also be used as post-assessment to measure learner progress. The pre and post assessment results may be viewed side by side.

Specifically designed for learners who are new to computers, Teknimedia's computer training courses do not assume any prior knowledge of the topics they cover. Their superior quality of instruction makes them the most effective online computer courses available today.

Here are some of the features and benefits of our training solution:

  • Saves your trainers' valuable time by helping with basic computer training.
  • Adapts to learners with different skill levels and learning styles with self-paced instruction and customizable settings.
  • Clarifies complicated computer concepts using high-quality audio, graphics and animation.
  • Provides hands-on practice in a controlled environment through interactive exercises.
  • Tracks student activities and progress using comprehensive management tools.
  • Accommodates your training environment with different delivery options including Web, LAN, and Standalone Computer. Courses are AICC compliant so they can be delivered by your LMS.
  • Reduces you training cost by providing flexible pricing option. For pricing, please contact us.

Teknimedia's basic computer training is used by organizations in a variety industries such as healthcare, legal, manufacturing, and entertainment, including Fortune 100 companies.

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